"The imagination is a spiritual aperatus, a luminous explorer of the world it discovers." Fredrico Garcia Lorca

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Well as you can see I hardly ever post anything here. So I am going to merge this blog with Blooming Fields in hope that I will actually post some of my art work with any regularity. So visit me there

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RAVENsEYE said...

Hello, you can smile now

The reason you have few comments is the stupid hoops google puts in the way. Simple as that. Spam is bad but so is impersonal technological isolation. What to do?

Very nice to see folks remembering the drum lady. I wasn't to ever meet her but after I read SLSSRotDeep I corresponded for about three years. Among people I have known, in the spotlight, she was singular. Others were didactic, even doctrinaire though well meaning and moving the cause forward. Delores LaChapelle could look at a big old tree as a genuine possible home for a while. She knew that a cultures nature interpreters could not be OF their culture. Of neccessity they must look OUTwards, all others look INwards (toward the fire) as I said she was singular and will be missed sorely.

You have a very nice blog and you are now on my list.